French’s has teamed up with a group of foodies and the guys from MOB Kitchen to create some bonfire night recipes that are sure to sizzle and sparkle.

Battle of the Bangers

Make your bonfire go off with a bang! French’s is a MUST-have for any bonfire night occasion, adding warmth and an easy squeeze of fun and flavour to your food.

Bangers are the must-have bonfire food and these home-cooked recipes by our friends Ollie Eats, Big Eats Global, Licky Plate & London Vegan Quest have created their ultimate bonfire night banger!

Make your Bonfire night go off with a bang with French’s. It’s a MUST-have.

Mini Must-haves
by MOB Kitchen

With a bit of help from MOB kitchen we’ve created a series of finger foods, the perfect weekend mini MUST-haves with a #SqueezeOfFun

Impress your housemates with these easy to make mini must-have recipes.

Honey Mustard Rib Bites

Getting ready for a big night in with your roomies? Try out these Honey Mustard Rib Bites from MOB Kitchen and be the talk of your house! Make sure you slow cook the ribs making them outrageously tender and then pair with an incredible sweet & sticky sauce made with the one and only French’s Mustard. Bitesize. Out of this world.

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Cajun Prawn Hush Puppies

These mini must-haves are sure to get your housemates drooling! Try out this yummy twist on the deep south classic Cajun Prawn Hush Puppies with large amounts of French’s Mustard to bring out the flavour. Little dish, big flavours!

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Mini Philly Cheesesteak Subs

Steak. Cheese. Peppers. What else could you want? These mini versions of the iconic US sandwich will go down a storm and leave your housemates wanting more! Make sure you go all out and add a generous squirt of French’s Mustard to really up the flavour.

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Honey Mustard Onion Rings

Check out these Honey Mustard Onion Rings, the tastiest twist on the classic side dish. Perfectly crisp batter makes them the talk of the town! Serve up to your roomies with a huge dollop of French’s Mustard for a sweet and spicy flavour frenzy.

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