Louisiana Lettuce Wraps with BBQ Sauce

Yield: 6 serving

120ml French’s® Louisiana Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce
60ml lemon-lime soda
60ml mango juice
5 ml sesame oil 
boneless loin steaks [or round or flank steak)
1 head Bibb lettuce, separated into leaves, 
cooked jasmine rice

Preparation Method

  • MIX French’s® Louisiana Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce, soda, juice and oil.
  • MARINATE steak in BBQ Marinade for 4 hours or overnight.
  • GRILL steak, cut into strips.
  • FILL leaves of Boston Bibb lettuce with cooked jasmine rice.
  • TOP with grilled steak, chopped peanuts, thinly sliced radish and shredded carrot.
  • FINISH with a drizzle of BBQ sauce.