@ollie_eats’ Ultimate Club Sandwich

Chicken? Check. Bacon? Check. Egg, lettuce, bread? Triple check. French's Mustard? DEFINITELY! Check out Ollie’s take on the ULTIMATE club sandwich – it’s a beauty!


French’s Classic Yellow Mustard
3 slices of thick-cut toast, buttered
3 lettuce leaves
4 tomato slices
1 roasted chicken breast, sliced
1 tbsp mayonnaise
4 rashers of bacon
1 hard-boiled egg, sliced  

Preparation Method

  • Start with buttering your first slice of toast. Add lettuce, tomato, and the sliced chicken breast. Drizzle with plenty of French’s Mustard.
  • Add next slice of toast and top with mayonnaise. Add the four rashers of bacon, sliced boiled egg and top with the final piece of toast. 
  • Slice into triangles and enjoy!