Licky Plate’s Ribeye Steak Sarnie

Steak and mustard – a match made in heaven! And Licky Plate’s Ribeye Steak Sarnie has us drooling on a mustard-drenched cloud nine. It couldn’t be simpler, load up that sandwich and drizzle on the French’s!


French’s Yellow mustard (as much as is desired!) 
Ribeye steak 
Submarine or ciabatta roll 
1 tbsp mayonnaise 
Salad leaves (not too many, don’t wanna ruin it!)
Fried onions


  • Simply fry off the ribeye steak, rest and slice 
  • Lightly brown some white onion circles in oil 
  • Toast the roll and butter 
  • Stack all the ingredients together 
  • Whack on the French’s Yellow mustard and VOILA!