Spicy BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders

Yield: 12 sliders

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

1 roasted chicken, 4 lbs./2kg
375 ml French’s® Louisiana Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce
120 ml French’s® Classic Yellow® Mustard
12 slider buns, split and toasted
12 slices cooked bacon, cut in half
12 tomato slices
12 lettuce pieces

Preparation Method

  • REMOVE chicken from bones and shred or chop meat; set aside (makes about 750 ml).
  • STIR BBQ sauce in saucepan. Add chicken; simmer 10 minutes to blend flavours and heat through.
  • COMBINE BBQ Sauce and Mustard; set aside.
  • PLACE 1 lettuce piece on each bun bottom and top with 2 half pieces of bacon, about 60 ml chicken
    mixture and 1 slice tomato. Cover with top half of bun. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
  • TOP with hot dog, and slaw mixture.
  • DRIZZLE with additional BBQ Mustard Sauce.


  • Ingredients will also make 6 sandwiches using regular hamburger bun