Kansas City Vietnamese caramel BBQ glazed Shrimp

Yield: 6 servings

Cook Time: 8 minutes 
120 ml rice wine vinegar
5 ml red pepper flakes
175 ml caramel sauce
175 ml French’s® Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce
1.5 kg shrimp, raw, peeled, tail on, (18-24 count)
12 bamboo skewers

Preparation Method

  • HYDRATE pepper flakes in vinegar. Combine with caramel and FRENCH’S® Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce. Reserve 120 ml of this mix as glaze for shrimp. Keep at room temperature till needed.

  • SKEWER shrimp (5 per skewer) and very lightly coat with BBQ glaze.

  • GRILL over very hot grill turning once and basting before flipping and again after removing from grill. Serve 2 skewers hot with 60 ml sauce to dip for each serving.


  • This sauce is wonderful on grilled salmon and other full flavoured seafood as well as pork and chicken.